Pole in the Wall

Parking Help for Sundays!
June 11, 2022

Hi Dancers! We have been encountering a full parking lot for our 11am classes on Sundays due to so many church services happening at that time.

If you are registered for the 11am class, try to arrive early. Starting next week we will have bright green cones marking off 2 spots in front of the studio for our students.

When you arrive, move the cone to the front of the spot and park. You can also bring the cone in to the studio with you 🙂

If there’s still no spots, feel free to park right in front of our door, making sure another student can pull up next to you ❤️ We should be able to fit 2 compact vehicles in that space.

Let us know if you have questions about parking! We are hoping this makes it less stressful on Sunday afternoons.