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January 8, 2022

Use this short warm up to get your body ready for activities like sports, running, fitness, and more! You just need yourself for this workout, but feel free to use grippy socks, padding for your knees, or have a yoga mat underneath you for comfort.

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We hope you enjoy our pole and flex workout videos and tutorials. Let us know if you have any requests and keep us posted on your results in the comments. We look forward to poling with you!

We want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU, because as a Patron of Pole in the Wall, you are helping to fund our Teacher Education Program, which allows our instructors to further their pole and fitness education. All funds collected from this platform are given to instructors at the end of each year to put toward certifications and trainings.

Keeping our instructors up to date on their education helps keep our content evolving and our students safe. We are thankful for all our Patrons who support our community!

Pole in the Wall is located in Springfield, MA and online worldwide! Pole in the Wall offers a variety of different pole, dance, fitness, and flexibility classes for all humans aged 18+, taught by experienced, certified instructors for every skill level and style at poleinthewall.com