Pole in the Wall

Online Level 2 & 3 Pole
with Cris Rivers

Sorry - that class has been canceled!

September 2 (Friday)
at 6:00 pm (GMT-04:00)

Class length
60 minutes

This is the ONLINE version of the in-studio Level 2 & 3 Pole Class

This 60min class combines students who are Level 2 & 3. Class begins with a warmup and ends in a guided freestyle, final stretch, and cool-down.

Level 2:
Beginner polers who have mastered the basic tricks on the static pole can take this pole class that will help prepare for tricks up the pole. Upright tricks will be taught on the static and spin pole, different types of climbs will be mastered in this class. Students will explore basic handstand shapes and prepare for inverted pole tricks on the floor. This class will build awareness and muscle memory that will prepare them to be Intermediate polers. 

Level 3:
This 60min class is for Intermediate polers who have mastered climbing and have begun training inverts from the floor and from a descent down the pole. Upright and inverted tricks will be taught on the spin and static pole. Conditioning for both dynamic tricks and bendy tricks will be included in this class that will help polers become more balanced and well-rounded.