Pole in the Wall

Spin Flow & Musicality Workshop
with Kelly

August 22 (Monday)
at 7:00 pm

Class length
60 minutes

spot left
Come with your spin pole flow ideas and we will work through them and how they may work best with your music to make your performance pop! 

Kelly will give you tips to analyze your movement choices to highlight accents and/or beats in music, matching or intentionally contrasting with cadence and crescendos/decrescendos in music, and making sure one movement transitions seamlessly into the next by ensuring set ups for moves are integrated into the choreography. 

Purchase of a Single Workshop Ticket to reserve your spot in this class can not be refunded, canceled, moved, or transferred, but if you purchase the 4-Workshop Pass, you can easily move, and cancel your reservation: https://poleinthewall.punchpass.com/passes/150699


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Plus MA Sales Tax: $1.88

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