Pole in the Wall

Dancing with Props Workshop
with Jenna Rae

August 15 (Monday)
at 7:00 pm

Class length
60 minutes

spots left
Props are not necessary in your routine, but sometimes props may help us convey a concept. In this workshop, Jenna Rae will show you how to seamlessly include a prop and also talk about the ways a prop may take add or take away from your performance. 

Bring your music, ideas, and some props you want to try dancing with, or let Jenna Rae introduce you to some props you may want to include, like the Chair. 
(No roller-skates please!)

Purchase of a Single Workshop Ticket to reserve your spot in this class can not be refunded, canceled, moved, or transferred, but if you purchase the 4-Workshop Pass, you can easily move, and cancel your reservation: https://poleinthewall.punchpass.com/passes/150699


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Plus MA Sales Tax: $1.88

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