Pole in the Wall

Online Create a Flow
with Cris Rivers


August 27 (Saturday)
at 1:00 pm (GMT-04:00)

Class length
60 minutes

spots left
This is the ONLINE option for the in-studio class.

Dancing is a fun and creative way to work out. However when it comes to creating your own Choreography, it can become frustrating. This class is here to help with that.

Every week we start with 4-6 new moves. They will incorporate Floorwork, simple Pole moves and more.  Throughout the class the instructor works with you to string these moves into a small dance routine. We will listen to songs requested by you the student to give us a chance to practice our dances to new beats.  Instead of a freestyle at the end students will show what they came up with for us all to dance too!  

Come every week to learn more moves to add to your own Choreography from the previous week. By the end of the month, students will have a nice Dance Routine, that they created themselves throughout the month to share with the world or just their loved ones if preferred.  


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